What is HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method?

Pregnant woman in white holding her bump

HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method







HypnoBirthing is a simple, well structured childbirth education programme that teaches you and your birth companion, essential skills that will change the way you think about birthing and will assist you in having a positive birthing experience. HypnoBirthing uses the following techniques:

  • Self hypnosis – to help you remain calm and focused
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques – to help you stay comfortable and in control
  • Visualisation – to help you work with your body and stay positive
  • Education surrounding pregnancy and childbirth- so that you can make informed decisions

The skills and methods that you will learn to promote a calm and stress free labour and birth, are lifelong skills that you take with you following the birth of your baby.

The philosophy behind Hypnobirthing is simple – childbirth is normal and natural, not something to be feared. Birthing your baby can be a rewarding, relaxing and stress free experience.  Your baby will come into this world in an atmosphere of calm and joy.

Hypnobirthing uses a holistic approach that focuses on the physical and psychological nature of birthing. By understanding the many wonderful ways that the body works for you during labour and birth, you will be able to assist the body and work with it, in order to facilitate the natural birthing process and help to reduce discomfort.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the following:

  • The many ways the female body is perfectly designed for birthing
  • How a unique range of hormones are released to facilitate your birthing muscles to work in harmony, to reduce or eliminate pain and to create feelings of relaxation and euphoria
  • How Endorphins are released to inhibit the release of “stress” hormones that lead to the “Fear, Tension, Pain” syndrome.
  • The Natural Expulsive Reflex
  • Rhythmic Surges

HypnoBirthing brings back the simplicity of birth itself and teaches you to trust your body and baby during this process. Through learning and practising simple yet effective techniques, you will learn how to recondition your mind and body for birthing and to release any negative thoughts about birth.

We are constantly exposed to negative images and stories about labour and birth from the media and even from family and friends. We have been conditioned to believe that excruciating pain is an inevitable part of labour and because of this we become fearful of giving birth. This fear causes our bodies to become tense and prohibits our bodies from birthing the way nature intended, which can result in long, painful labours with unnecessary interventions. Birth can be a positive experience but we have to retrain our minds and let go of all negativity and allow ourselves to think positively about labour and birth.

The HypnoBirthing antenatal course consists of 5 comprehensive classes, where you will learn how to reconnect with your natural ability to birth free from fear. You will finish the programme feeling empowered, educated and excited about your upcoming birth.

HypnoBirthing – the Mongan Method TM is a well established antenatal education programme with over 25 years of experience and success. Founded by Marie Mongan in 1989, today HypnoBirthing has become a well established International programme in 45 countries worldwide!