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What is Baby Massage?

Baby Massage is a well established tradition in many cultures such as Indian and African, and is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland.

The massage offers a wonderful experience and a special time to communicate verbally and non-verbally with your baby so that they feel loved, valued and respected.

The techniques used are drawn from both Swedish and Indian massage and also incorporates, principles from yoga and reflexology.

I loved doing the baby massage with my own babies so much that I decided to become an Instructor. The massage benefitted both me and the babies in so many ways. I become more relaxed and confident and the babies started to sleep better and become more relaxed.

I am now a Certified Infant Massage Instructor accredited by the IAIM and can share with you the wonderful benefits of Baby Massage.

The Baby Massage classes are for 1 hour each week for 5 weeks


There are so many benefits to Baby Massage for both you and your baby:

For Baby:

For You:

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“I attended Allison’s baby massage class with my 2 month old. It was very peaceful and such a lovely way to spend time just focused on baby and me. Charlie loved the massage and was always so relaxed after class, as was I. Allison was a great teacher and really helped me to understand my baby’s cues. It was a great platform for new mums to meet and swap advice/ stories, Allison really accommodated an open and relaxed conversation around mutual topics too! It was really baby led and so accommodating to feeding/ sleep / crying/ nappy changing. I missed my first class and she arranged for me to come early the next week to catch up. She really went out of her way for all the mums, particularly those struggling to make it in to class.
I showed my partner the techniques and we love giving him a massage in the evening before bed. Thanks Allison x”, Eva, Cork
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