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My journey to HypnoBirthing

“HypnoBirthing changed my life in so many ways and helped me accomplish the calm, peaceful births I desired. I was so inspired that I knew I wanted to help other moms achieve a positive birthing experience.” Allison O’Leary

When I became pregnant with my first little girl, I was terrified to say the least. Yes, the pregnancy was planned and yes, I wanted a baby, but the idea of giving birth was horrifying to me. I was definitely the biggest sceptic when a friend told me about HypnoBirthing, however after reading and understanding the philosophy behind it, everything clicked into place. I knew straightaway that this was the option for me. Everything made sense. Birth was normal and natural, not something to be feared. I read the book every day, every evening I listened to the relaxation music and practised the hypnosis and breathing techniques. I very quickly went from being a nervous wreck to feeling excited and more importantly I felt prepared for labour and birth.

I now have three beautiful HypnoBirthing babies and I am so delighted and looking forward to being a part of your HypnoBirthing journey. I take a very practical approach to HypnoBirthing, having experienced the Irish maternity services firsthand, I know what works. Every pregnancy is different and during each of my own three pregnancies, there were different challenges that I had to overcome and through each experience I learned so much more about labour and birthing. I love teaching sessions and it’s a privilege to see the positive effect it has on moms and their birth partners.

My mission and goal for you, is that you have the opportunity to have a positive and rewarding birthing experience. That you enjoy and embrace your pregnancy and you anticipate the birth of your baby with joy and excitement.

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